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2 Pictures Of The Naked Lady.

Amaryllis: also known as the belladonna lily or naked lady. (Thanks Wiki) This plant was given to our classroom from Mama Yoga, the yoga lady at our pre-school.  It gets watered intermittently and the kids enjoy when ants crawl out onto their … Continue reading

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A day with SAM

Visiting SAM is another one of those things I have meant to do since moving to Seattle.  At around 11 am I got my little self ready and made my way out into the semi-drizzly Seattle day.  I rode the bus downtown, … Continue reading

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This Week’s Exercise Report

Last Friday I made some resolutions (I will update my resolutions each month in the tab above).  Every weekend I will report back the week’s progress 1. to keep you informed and 2. to keep me accountable :-).  Friday, I made … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung

Welcome to Seattle, spring.  It’s good of you to join us.  The weather in Seattle has been beautiful since Saturday.  No rain!  Amazing, I know.  It has also been in the mid 50’s all week.  I started exercising on Sunday … Continue reading

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West Seattle Farmer’s Market

I rose early, for a Sunday… that means before 10.  I decided today would be the day I finally visited my local Farmer’s Market.  I have known about the market for almost 3 years and I’ve never been.  I learned the … Continue reading

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Best Browines – gluten-free!

These brownies are simply delightful.  I received this recipe from my pre-school and converted it for my gluten-free needs.  They are so easy to make that I’ll never go back to boxed brownies! Best Brownies 1/2 cup butter/margarine melted 1 cup … Continue reading

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Reading, Resolutions, Death and A Few Guidelines

I’ve taken a bit of a sabbatical from reading books lately.  Since starting my blog, I have been reading so many other posts (from freshly pressed as well as keeping up with subscriptions) that I just plumb haven’t taken the time to read books.  … Continue reading

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Seeing The World

Every Friday afternoon, one of my co-teachers reads a portion of a chapter book to our students.  This month we have been reading Stuart Little by E. B. White.  On Monday afternoons, I lead circle.  We review and discuss what happened in the … Continue reading

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Things Kids Say #2

Student:  Hey, did you see that big airplane? Me:  No, Did you? Student:  Yeah! Me:  Was it a C-17? Student:  No, it was a 747.  It carries passengers.  It’s a double-decker. Me:  Oh, Wow! I was totally taken aback by … Continue reading

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Gooder? Is that a word?

I was watching television yesterday and saw this commercial… Gooder?  Really?  …. that was all I could think.  I have a degree in English Education and although I am horrible at spelling and not such a great editor (I like books mostly),  I know … Continue reading

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