A week with my parents Day 1

My parents arrived in Seattle just in time for the snow.  2 runways at Seatac airport were closed and they had to wait in line to land and be taxied into the gate.  West Seattle was “hit hardest” with snow (for anyone who doesn’t realize what that means for Seattle, we got about 2 inches).  I made my folks stay with hubbs and I Wednesday night so that they wouldn’t get stuck in Bellevue.  If the world became an ice cube overnight, which is not uncommon, I was afraid they would be stuck out there all by their lonesome.  How sad would that be?  Lucky for us the snow and ice all melted and we were able to go about our day as planned and visit some essential Seattle landmarks.

We started the day with breakfast at a fabulous restaurant in University Village.  Portage Bay Cafe offers a number of delicious breakfast options, especially for the gluten impaired such as myself.  I ordered rice flour pancakes made with yogurt and banana.  I asked that they be cooked in a separate pan, to be safe.  They were so delicious and when you add the fresh fruit bar to the top, DIVINE!  We ate like we gave a damn.

We were then squired about the University of Washington campus by my fabulous husband while it continued to snow.  (Picture taken during a previous visit)

Another other Seattle “hot spot” that we visited was The Gum Wall.  The gum wall is located in Post Alley, Seattle.  For reasons unbeknownst to me passers by and visitors deposit their gum on the wall, make patterns and add to the over all germ infested, bubble gum/mint smelling, aura of this particular attraction.  Needless to say my parents were impressed perplexed.

Our next stop was Pike’s Market.  Here, my Dave made an aside comment about a woman in the park with a needle, to which my mom innocently commented “Well maybe she has diabetes”.  We promptly reassured her, while trying not to chuckle, that this was probably not the case.  The rest of our trip through the market was much less shady.

We took the appropriate tourist pictures:

My Dave really enjoyed the seafood on display! 

We got a coffee at the original Starbucks and the need for warmth and caffeine overrode photography.

We bought cheese from Beechers, the local cheese maker.


We finished off the night with a lovely home-made brown rice spaghetti dinner prepared by yours truly :-).  We all had a wonderful yet tiring day and I’m sure that my parents were very glad to make it back to the condo to relax, get settled and get a good night sleep.  There is so much still to come, so keep your eyes out for the rest of our adventure!


About lifeofaphoenix

My name is Stephanie and I live in the greater Seattle area with my husband Michael. This blog is my opportunity to give myself an outlet for my love of writing, photography, food and life.
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