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A By-product of Easter

  My College family as the Scrubs cast on Halloween Our Grandparents My parents and siblings Holidays tend to make me feel 2 things: 1. Nostalgic and 2. A little home sick. Now that I am all growed up, holidays … Continue reading

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Alki at Sunset

It was such a beautiful day in Seattle (65 degrees), Hubbs suggested a walk on Alki Beach.  Needless to say I was delighted with the idea as well as the outcome!

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Easter A Little Early

Happy Easter a little early!

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Another win for the Mariners

Today was another win for the Mariners.  They just beat the A’s 1 to 0.  Last week, Hubbs and I decided to enjoy our first game of the season.  Luckily for us, it was also a winning game.  The stadium is … Continue reading

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Weekly Workout Recap – Bring on the Exercise

Hello there accountability…. you again ehh??  Well here you are…  We worked out 3 times this week and we were lucky enough to have our apartment managers join us a couple of mornings to run! Monday – We did a … Continue reading

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New Members of the Family

I have been asking hubbs about getting some fish for about 3 months.  So finally, his friend who accidentally bred some molly fish, offered us some as well as a tank, and hubbs accepted!  YAY FISH!  Saturday, we had some visitors and some new family members.  … Continue reading

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Slacker, Slacker, Slacker

First of all, I know that I’m a slacker.  Second, I’m a slacker twice.  Saturday’s weekly update… Fail.  Exercising 6 days a week…. Fail.  I could rattle off excuses about being busy and letting my foot heal but that wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Doughnuts, Doughnuts, I love you.

My final post about last weekend’s Portland adventure, is about something that I truly love with all my heart.  Doughnuts.  That’s right people, you didn’t hear me wrong.  Doughnuts.  They are the one glutenous treat that I consistently crave.  Portland is the … Continue reading

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Twilight aka imadork

So for those of you who don’t already know, I love to read!  Fortunately/unfortunately depending on who you ask, I got hooked on Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga.  Not just the movies either.  I read all of the books before there … Continue reading

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A Few New Friends in Portland

After our little luncheon on Saturday, we picked up some new friends.  I’d like to introduce them to you now… Faith And Speedy La Roo We picked the two up and took them to the doggy park.  They were so … Continue reading

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