An Ear Full of Peace

This is currently my favorite song on my Ipod.  It inspires a sense of peace. 

Ignore the Asian actors in the youtube video.  Just close your eyes and enjoy.

My playlists are getting a major make-over this week so please give some suggestions to help with the renovations.  I like a mixture of everything so don’t be bashful.


About lifeofaphoenix

My name is Stephanie and I live in the greater Seattle area with my husband Michael. This blog is my opportunity to give myself an outlet for my love of writing, photography, food and life.
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One Response to An Ear Full of Peace

  1. Dana says:

    I love putting some traditional gypsy songs on my playlists– there’s something about an accordion and a fiddle that inspires me to get my groove on! (I also have a TON of modern “gypsy punk” music on my mp3 player– Gogol Bordello music is loud, fast-paced, and a definite must for times when music has to kick your ass into gear).

    I secretly also love Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga, so if you don’t already have their girly pop music on your playlists, might I humbly suggest adding them? I don’t normally get into pop music, but for some reason I can’t get enough of those two artists in particular. *My secret shame*.

    On the complete other end of the spectrum, I enjoy some Arvo Part to get my fix of choral and instrumental music. Listening to old church choirs brings me back to a past life, I’m sure… very haunting and saturated with spirituality.

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