The Tennis is BACK!!!

That’s right people!  The Tennis is back!.!.!  YAY French Open!  The last time we discussed the tennis, it was all about the Aussie Open.  Now, on to the French.  The French are much better about televising their event.  I can watch the Open live, or on loop when I get home until I go to bed and then again when I get up in the morning.  And if that just isn’t enough coverage, I can go to ESPN and stream it.  Thank You for that France.

In my last post about the tennis, it was all about Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal.  The new talk of the town is Novak Djokovic.  I’ll let you bask in his glory for just a moment here….

Just D-E-Licious

Helloooo Djokovic

Not only is he a delicious Serbian specimen of a man with a great body, he also plays a beautiful game of tennis and right now is on top of his game (and everyone else’s for that matter).  In 2011 Djokovic’s single’s record is 39-0, he has won 6 tournaments already.  Novak is all reporters are talking about during French Open coverage.  He is big news because Nadal is supposed to be unbeatable on the clay court.  The only kicker is that the last tournament was in Rome… On Clay… The Final Between Djokovic and Nadal… and Novak won!  Unthinkable!  In the last 6 years, Nadal has won 5 French Open championships and 5 championships in 6 years in Rome (both clay court venues).  Watch out Nadal… You’ve got some healthy competition coming your way!

Speaking of healthy competition (you like that segway right there?) Djokovic is attributing his new success to a change in diet.  He has always had health problems in the past and finally found out that he has a gluten allergy.  He decided to change to a completely gluten-free diet.  What was that you say??  Gluten-Free?  Novak and I have something in common…  That obviously makes us soul mates, right?  He says of his new diet, it makes him feel better mentally and physically.  Welcome to the club!  Best of luck in the Open!

More to come about the tennis in the coming weeks.  🙂


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