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Fondue Dessert Du Jour

Yay for another June Resolution complete!!  Check out the Resolutions tab above :-).  Each month I resolve to complete a few fun tasks.  They are usually things that I want to do but just need that extra little boost saying… Well I … Continue reading

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Things Kids Say #4

This is a conversation a co-teacher and I had with our pre-schoolers last week. After a student and I knocked over my co-teacher’s water on the playground: Co-Teacher: Stephaine Peed Me: Yeah, I peed ice too… you should be impressed. Student: I know … Continue reading

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Spicy Chicken Tacos – natually gluten-free

I’ve become quite proficient at making something from nothing.  When Hubbs says “there’s no food in the house”, I can always surprise him with something delicious.  Last night it was Spicy Chicken Tacos!  This was a fresh, crisp, healthy dinner seemingly made … Continue reading

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Making Moves

For me, change never changes.  It is always stressful before, during and after the change (sometimes good stress, sometimes bad).  Change takes time.  Time when you know it’s coming, time for the change to occur, and time to get used to it.  … Continue reading

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A Warm Welcome Back To The K Family!

Two weeks ago, Hubbs and I visited the West Seattle Farmer’s Market.  I spotted from across the way the tell tale K!  There it was, calling my name.  I made a bee line for the gold and blue sign.  Kiwanians selling coffee and … Continue reading

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Resolutions: Gluten-Free Crepes!!

Delicious, delicious crepes for breakfast.  I’ve never made crepes before, but they were AMAZING! We bought strawberries from our local fruit stand.  They were so sweet and paired with whipped cream, a perfect filling for our breakfast crepes. Here is the … Continue reading

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Hats off to 2011 Graduates

One of my pre-school students was looking through a cook book at school a few months back and asked if we could make this specific dessert creation.  We do quite a bit of cooking with our students at school, but I knew … Continue reading

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The tank is clean…… THE TANK IS CLEAN!!!!

That’s right!  The tank is clean!  Hopefully our fish do not try to escape our clean tank to the ocean. Before: After: There was a great deal of cleaning in our house of late and this is one of the most noticeable … Continue reading

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Naturally Gluten-Free Delight: Broccoli Rice Quiche

This is a yummy, yummy, so delicious dish I have been enjoying since childhood.  My Mom and I would end up eating almost the entire thing between us because my siblings weren’t the biggest fan of Quiche.  More for me!  Hubbs … Continue reading

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Things Kids Say #3

This conversation was held between 2 of my kindergarten students. Girl Student: Cruise ships go really slow. Boy Student: Yeah, because you can walk on them. Me: Are you sure? Both confirm that it must be so. Me: What about … Continue reading

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