Gluten-Free in West Seattle and at Great Harvest Bread Company

Great Harvest Bread Company is located at 4709 California Ave. SW in West Seattle, WA.  Great Harvest bakes a gargantuan list of breads and sweets, daily.  This list includes everything from whole wheat, and whole grain spelt breads to gluten-free french bread.  My favorite breads are the gluten-free cinnamon chip (delicious as french toast) and the gluten-free rosemary and thyme bread (not always available).  I often visit Great Harvest to indulge in gluten-free specialty items.

Sunday, before heading to the West Seattle Farmer’s Market, I popped in to Great Harvest to get one of their delicious gluten-free breakfast sandwiches.  As I was standing in line, I overheard the couple in front of me discussing the gluten-free bread options, asking about the consistency of the breads, squishing them.  I had a flashback of my first experience buying bread after going gluten-free.  It is a very intimidating process.  When eating gluten your whole life, you desire gluten-free food that masquerades as real food food with gluten.

So, being me, I asked the couple about it.  The woman had just found out that she had Celiac’s Disease.  She looked so distressed and overwhelmed.  I remember that feeling.  Over the past year, I have been living a completely gluten-free lifestyle.  Through trial and error, reading books about Celiacs, cooking at home and eating out, I have acquired knowledge.  I have passed as much of this information on to my dad (who has had a harder time transitioning to gluten-free) to help keep him safe.  So, I offered to send her a list of these resources as well.  This included tips and tricks to going gluten-free and for eating out in the Seattle area.  She very happily accepted and gave me her email address.  I walked my little tush home after my outing, sat down at the computer, and sent her this list of delicious places to eat that are Celiac friendly in the Seattle area.

Some Restaurants in West Seattle that are Celiac Friendly:

Great Harvest Bread

Fresh Bistro – at the Mural

Chaco Canyon – at Link apartments

Lee’s Asian – Pad Thai is gluten-free but you’d have to ask about other items

Garlic Jim’s Pizza – Has Gluten-Free pizza and takes great measures to keep Celiac people safe

A Terrible Beauty – Has gluten-free options if you ask

Some Restaurants in the Seattle area that are Celiac Friendly:

Thrive – U-District

Wheatless in Seattle – Seattle

Pyramid Brewery – Across from Safeco (has Gluten-Free rolls for burgers and Gluten-Free Pizza dough)

The Rock – The Landing (has Gluten-Free pizza dough and equipment to keep your pizza safe)

The Olive Garden has gluten-free pasta but I have not had success eating there

Portage Bay Cafe – U-District yummy gluten-free pancakes

Jimmy John’s – Get the UNWICH!  Tell them you have allergies and ask them to change gloves, change spatulas and make your UNWICH on the paper wrapping instead of the cutting board.

With or without Celiac’s,  you should check these restaurants out.  (I have had success eating at the above restaurants unless otherwise specified).  Be sure to ask the important questions about how your food is cooked.  If you have Celiac’s Disease, ask to have your food cooked separately or on a clean surface to avoid cross-contamination.  Celiac’s is no joke, keep yourself safe by being persistant about keeping your food away from gluten filled food.  Talk to your server and/or ask to talk to the chef!  The chef knows what is in the food.

TELL ME:  If you have Celiac’s or a Gluten intolerance, where have you had success eating.  Any tips?


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My name is Stephanie and I live in the greater Seattle area with my husband Michael. This blog is my opportunity to give myself an outlet for my love of writing, photography, food and life.
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3 Responses to Gluten-Free in West Seattle and at Great Harvest Bread Company

  1. Dana says:

    It sounds like the couple was lucky to have you behind them in line! Great list of resources.

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