The Cheat Day

I’m obsessive.  Obsessive about food.  For some of you who don’t know, I have Celiac’s disease.  This means that I follow a very strict gluten-free diet 363 days of the year.  What happened to the other two days you ask?  Well, 2 (non consecutive) days a year I eat gluten.  LOTS of big pillowy fluffy bready yummy gluten.  I dub this “the cheat day”.  And I am obsessive about “the cheat day”.  What exactly am I going to have?    Lets make a list of where we should have dinner on my cheat day.  What have I been craving that I deny myself on the other 363 days of the year?  Well here is the rundown of my delicious day.

Cravings: McDonald’s (for whatever reason) and Apple Cider Doughnuts.

Note: I LOVE doughnuts.  No one loves doughnuts more than I.  I Always crave doughnuts.  It is the one thing I have yet to find a suitable gluten-free replacement for.

First, I stopped at West Seattle Thriftway to see if they could spare me a Cider doughnut.  The bakery attendant at 7 am on a Friday wasn’t sure if the cake doughnuts were cider or not, so she gave me one for free…

It was promptly rejected for its lack of apple cidery flavor.

So really the first meal of the day came from The Golden Arches

Mmm Mmm Mmm Bacon Egg and Cheese McGriddle.  Delicious bites of fake eggs, salty cheese and pops of sweet syrup encased in a gluten-y pancake.  What doesn’t scream AMAZING about that!

After Hubs and I enjoyed our breakfast, I decided to do some doughnut research.  Again, my search for apple cider doughnuts was unsuccessful.  One doughnut lady and I decided that they must be an “east coast” thing and that I was likely out of luck.  I decided to take a nice little trip downtown to scope out the doughnut situation first hand.

My first stop was at The Daily Dozen Doughnuts in Pike’s Market.

It was a VERY good choice.

I walked up to the attendant and asked for one doughnut.  They were small and the nice vendor gave me one with a smile and told me I’d be back.  I gave him a generous tip and was on my way around the market mulling over whether this was the doughnut that would satisfy my craving.

Bite one… mmmmm

Bite two….  mmmmm yummy frosting and seasonal sprinkles

Bite thee… He was right… I turned my little butt around and got me some more.

Craving satisfied.  This ended up being my only doughnut stop downtown.  (I also took a special liking to his fantastic moustache)

For the next hour or so, I meandered about the market, scoping out all of my options.  I decided that a loaf of delicious bread was in order.  I then re-visited all of the bakeries to decide which bread looked as though it had the most crunchy crust and the softest interior (like I sad, obsessive).  Le Panier,  who does bread better than the French?

My Baguette and I enjoyed each other’s company piece by piece for a while before I decided to save it’s good company for a bit later.  I ran some errands about town and took the bus home.  When I got there, Hubs and I finished that baby up with some sharp Irish cheddar cheese.  America’s a melting pot right.

At this point, you probably think I am all glutened out for the day…. HAHAHAHA I laugh at the thought.

Yes, that’s right.  McDonald’s twice in one day… Don’t judge the (normally) gluten-less.

Ok.  I’ll admit it.  At this point I was about ready to go into a food coma.  But there was still dinner to come!  Deep Sigh and a little baby nap.

We dined with friends at Buck’s American Cafe in Everett.

You’ll have to imagine this meal do to the lack of photographs.  First things first.  I ordered a beer!  Mmmm gluten filled delight in a glass.  Then warm bread with a silly butter that had something un-necessary in it to the tune of vegetables.  Sad butter.

For an appetizer I ordered New England clam chowder.  Before going gluten-free, I was a clam chowder connoisseur.  Chowder is my soup of choice and I have tried New England Clam Chowder everywhere from New England to Texas to Seattle.  Unfortunately, this chowder seemed as though it had been left in the heating table too long and was a bit too thick from my semi-professional opinion.

For the main course, after much debate, I ordered as I always do on cheat day.  Fish and Chips.  The batter was too thick and was soggy with oil.  Sad Face.

Dessert was equally disappointing but because of my own doing.  I did not ask the appropriate questions and assumed the chocolate cake I ordered would have a delicious rich chocolate frosting.  No frosting, fudge filling….  Too rich for the end of a day filled with things I don’t usually have the opportunity to enjoy.

The best thing we enjoyed at Buck’s was a great evening laughing with friends.  And the beer.

Overall it was a great day… I will not discuss the damage I did to my body, but boy it was worth it!

Alright kids,  its your turn.  When you indulge, what is your treat of choice?


About lifeofaphoenix

My name is Stephanie and I live in the greater Seattle area with my husband Michael. This blog is my opportunity to give myself an outlet for my love of writing, photography, food and life.
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4 Responses to The Cheat Day

  1. Dana says:

    Ack! I can only imagine the havoc that you wreaked on your body during your cheat day! It gives me the cramps just thinking about it… but good on you for indulging.

    I’m allergic to dairy, so sometimes I fantasize about going on a dairy binge (cheese! ultra thick yogurt! cheesecake!), but dairy really makes me feel so terrible, I don’t think I could go through with it now. The carnage would NOT be worth it in my case! 🙂

  2. You can live vicariously through me twice a year if you’d like. It was a long night that night for sure. The longer I am gluten-free the more havoc occurs when I do indulge. Im beginning to wonder if it really is worth it. Next time I plan to take it a little bit easier on the gluten.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Love this! I did a super healthy eating challenge for 21 days and that was super tough. I had to have 2 cheat items a week just to get through, but you going 363 days a year—that’s impressive!

    • It is super tough. Ive been gluten-free for a year and a half now and its still hard. I feel so much better after going gluten-free that it makes it worth it the other 363 days. But there are just a couple things I still miss and havent found a substitute for. Those are the things I splurge on the other 2 days.

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