Chaco Canyon West Seattle

I went out in West Seattle in the hope of getting some pictures of the “snow fall”.

There you have it.  Unsuccessful.

On my walk back to the apartment I decided to stop into Chaco Canyon for a toasty drink.  It is such a welcoming space.  The room is so warm and cozy.  A perfect place to enjoy a gluten-free, vegan and/or raw food treat.

When I walked in, I was greeted by some wonderfully friendly ladies and a case of sweets (that I can actually eat most of).  All of which are delicious.  I had the black bean brownie a few weeks back and it was the very best brownie I have ever tasted.  EVER!

Who wouldn’t love to sit and enjoy a delicious meal that agrees with your tummy and your allergies?

Today I ordered the Hot Cider, freshly juiced and steamed with ginger and cinnamon.  The cider tastes like fall.  Growing up in Upstate New York among a multitude of apple farms, I have had my share of cider.  This cider was the most delicious, frothy, cinnamon-y, beautiful looking cider I have ever seen or tasted!  Good Gracious it was AMAZING!

It perked me right up from the sad face that had formed with the lack of snow.  Next time I go, I will definitely be trying the gluten-free french toast!  It is also the only place I have seen Bard’s Tale gluten-free beer (which I think is the best kind).  I don’t know how good french toast and beer taste together but hey, why the heck not?

After arriving home with my spoils, Panda and I had breakfast together and made a fire in the fire-place.  Panda went out to get wood, called me over and look at this…

Thank you mother earth.  Keep it Comin’!


About lifeofaphoenix

My name is Stephanie and I live in the greater Seattle area with my husband Michael. This blog is my opportunity to give myself an outlet for my love of writing, photography, food and life.
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2 Responses to Chaco Canyon West Seattle

  1. Dana says:

    Real snow! We had a few snowflakes yesterday but today is as sunny as can be. The forecast is calling for honest-to-goodness snowflakes (and close to 20cm of them!) in the next few days, so maybe I’ll finally get to dust off ye olde snowshoes soon…

    PS: That cafe looks and sounds incredible. And a black bean brownie?? I’m skeptical but trust you when you say it was delicious. Who knew?

  2. We are still getting more snow!!! It looks amazing (about 3 inches now)! The black bean brownie was so stinking good. I was skeptical also but it is so wonderfully fudgie

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