The Power of Inside-Out Pajamas

Ask any school age child, there is power in wearing your pajamas inside out.  Grown-ups should never doubt that power.  It can have an amazing effect on the climate and on superintendents.

When I was small and the weather man forecasted enough snow to possibly have a snow day, I would wear my pajamas inside out so the snow would come and we could have a glorious day off from school!  Nothing is more beautiful than a snow day.  My alarm would go off (and sometimes even before), I would crawl out of bed and look out the window.  If the roads looked white and there was a brand new blanket of snow on the world, I would creep out to the living room, snuggle in a blanket and turn on the news.  Across the bottom of the screen would be the school closures.  I would beg and plead as the schools scrolled past waiting for that beautiful Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake name to show its pretty, pretty face.  If and when it finally did, I would creep back to my comfy warm bed to sleep for a few more hours.  After a wonderful slumber we would go sledding, have hot cocoa and soup and curl up with a movie!  Like I said Glorious.

I found myself doing this even through college.  I know that sounds lame but when you go to SUNY Oswego on the snow belt, you really have to use all of your luck to get a day off.  It only worked once.  We got 11 feet of snow in 4 days.  Needless to say we got an entire WEEK off!!

Last night I donned my pajamas inside out.  I crawled into bed and hoped for the best.  It was clear and dry when we hit the hay last night.  This morning I woke up earlier than my alarm and crept to the window.  Snow.  Beautiful, Wonderful, Fluffy, White Snow falling from the sky all over the ground and in the street.  Whooo Hooo.  I checked my email at 6am (per request of my school) and found a delay until 10am.  2 extra hours of warm comfy sleep.  By 8:30 we had another email stating that our school was closed!  There is nothing more wonderful than a SNOW DAY!

Panda and I ran some errands, walked around in the snow, had hot cocoa and soup.  Just like when I was little.  Now we are snuggled up by a toasty fire!  Could a snow day be better?  I think not!


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My name is Stephanie and I live in the greater Seattle area with my husband Michael. This blog is my opportunity to give myself an outlet for my love of writing, photography, food and life.
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3 Responses to The Power of Inside-Out Pajamas

  1. Dana says:

    AWESOME! I had never heard of the inside-out PJs trick. Granted, I grew up in Alberta where snow was a VERY common occurrence. I had 3 or 4 snow days from kindergarten to the end of my Master’s Degree in University. 🙂

    Your Snow Day sounds like it was perfect. Hot cocoa and soup- yum!

  2. It really was awesome! I think it is amusing when all of these Seattle-ites get tweeked about the weather. My husband is from Alaska and I am from New York so we have seen much worse snow and still gone to school in it!

    • Dana says:

      So true. In Victoria, banks and schools close if there is approx 1 inch of snow on the ground (even if it melts 30 minutes later). In Calgary, you’d have to have about 3 feet of snow and -60 degree temperatures before the authorities would even consider a Snow Day.

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