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Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Indulge to me ALWAYS means food.  If you have been around this blog a while you may know that I have a very strong relationship with food.  Sometimes it is love-love sometimes love-hate.  But whatever the feelings, food and I … Continue reading

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Magus Used Books

I ❤ Bookstores! It makes me happy to wander about used bookstores because you never know what treasure you might come across.

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Cherry Trees in Winter

Panda and I went up to University of Washington today.  The cherry trees were beautiful even without flowers or leaves.  Each tree has unique twists and turns that make them ever so charming.  It was also a beautiful day today … Continue reading

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The Cats in the Bag!

For a cat who doesn’t like the sound of plastic bags, she sure doesn’t mind fabric shopping bags (or paper bags as we learned today). She isn’t picky about the type of fabric shopping bag either!

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I DO NOT Prefer Trout

While was at the grocery store I wandered past the protein and saw that Trout was on sale.  So being me, I decided I should buy it and try it out… because it was only $2 why not?  Look at how … Continue reading

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New Recipe Page!

Hey there faithful readers!  I have added a brand new fancy, shmancy Recipe Page above.  This is where all the recipes you see on my blog posts will be catalogued. I will admit that I created this recipe page as … Continue reading

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Snickerdoodles Gluten-Free

Snickerdoodles have always been some of my favorite cookies.  I used to make them when I was little with my Grandma and my Nana.  I remember standing next to them rolling balls of dough between my tiny hands before dipping … Continue reading

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Maninis Gluten-Free

Maninis Gluten-Free is a new addition to our beautiful little West Seattle Farmer’s Market.  And I am so glad that they are. I chatted with Tim for a few moments about the products and about being gluten-free.  We have been gluten-free for … Continue reading

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Safe House

Last night Safe House with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds was playing at the Regal Downtown Cinema.  Panda loves Denzel in a badass role (aka Training Day style) so he had been talking about seeing this film for a while.  Ryan Reynolds isn’t … Continue reading

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Thank you Dana for the Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you Dana over at Zona Pellucida for nominating and awarding me with the Kreativ Blogger Award.  I am so very excited to accept this award (even if it is just blogging spam)!  Lifeofaphoenix has been a great outlet for me over the … Continue reading

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