Maninis Gluten-Free

Maninis Gluten-Free is a new addition to our beautiful little West Seattle Farmer’s Market.  And I am so glad that they are.

I chatted with Tim for a few moments about the products and about being gluten-free.  We have been gluten-free for about the same amount of time and we dealt with our gluten symptoms in the same ways.  Always making excuses about why our tummy hurt not really taking into account that there could be a real problem.  With the new diet, we are both experiencing the same joys and good health.

Maninis’ products are a little different from other gluten-free products because they do not use rice as their main ingredient.  They use the 7 ancient grains; millet, teff, quinoa, g-f certified oats, flax, amaranth and sorghum.  The health benefits of these grains is much more substantial that just substituting rice for wheat flour.  They have more fiber, protein, and vitamins (for more information about each check out Maninis’ website).

I tried out their gluten-free chocoalte chip cookie and it was delicious.  There was no funny after taste or texture that can sometimes be connected with g-f products.  It had the perfect crunchy outside and soft inside.  Mmm so sweet with a slight finishing touch of salt (not in a bad way).  The cookie was just amazing.

I am looking forward to the buns I bought and next week I am going to arrive early to the market so that I can score some spinach and buternut squash ravioli!

Thank you Maninis for being a great addition to The Market!


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My name is Stephanie and I live in the greater Seattle area with my husband Michael. This blog is my opportunity to give myself an outlet for my love of writing, photography, food and life.
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2 Responses to Maninis Gluten-Free

  1. Dana says:

    I think the 7-grain approach is a very nice alternative to just rice all the time. Don’t get me wrong– I LOVE me some rice– but it’s great to have choices and variety, too.

    I always suspected Celiac for myself, but initial testing revealed a ‘wheat sensitivity’, not actual allergies to gluten. I try to stay away from most gluten (especially wheat products) just in case.

    That cookie sounds really yummy (even the salty aftertaste– LOVE), and can anything sound better than GF butternut squash and spinach ravioli? I think not, but I suspect it will have cheese in it, right? (A girl can always dream of GF-CF (i.e. casein free) ravioli, right?) 😉

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