About Phoenix

I am the Phoenix.  Not in the “I graduated from a college called Phoenix” sort of way, but in the likeness to a mythical creature.

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that has colorful feathers and a tail of gold and scarlet.  The Phoenix has a long life, at the end of which he builds a nest.  The Phoenix then ignites itself and the nest and burns furiously.  A new baby bird is then “reborn” from the ashes.

I am the Phoenix.  I am colorful and beautiful in mind, body and spirit.  My life is about learning from all of my experiences.  When an aspect of my life comes to an end, I am reborn from my ashes with the past close to my heart and an open mind for the future.

My blog is the account of my life, The life of a Phoenix.  It is the experiences, the growth, the burning and rebirth of the whole as well as the individual parts.


4 Responses to About Phoenix

  1. Jacqueline says:

    This is awesome! I’m from Atlanta, the phoenix city, that literally rose from the ashes, so I can especially relate to this idea. Look forward to learning more!

  2. Coming East says:

    Love the image of a person as a Phoenix. We must be willing to rebuild ourselves when life tears us down. Nice blog you have.

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