Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

I love photos of fire and there is such a stark contrast between the dark wood and the bright flames.

Panda has contrasting colors on his face… hehe poor Panda.¬† (It was his idea to post himself as contrast by the way ūüôā¬† )

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A Rough Two Weeks

I apologize for my prolonged absence.

Two weeks ago looked like this:

Except Saturday began like this (plus more snow and rain):

It ended like this:

I ended up in the ski patrol with a sling and a bag of ice.  I found out later that I have a torn AC ligament in my right shoulder.  It was a totally awesome wipeout though.

Needless to say it has been a long two weeks.¬† My kiddos and co-workers¬†at school have all been sick and now we are all back on the mend and¬†I’m back at this blogging business.

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Bringing the Beach to the Classroom

In my preschool class we have been learning about West Seattle.  We went for an adventure on Friday all around the community visiting the park, the Les Schwab, the fruit stand and looking around at the totem pole.  Alki Beach is a great part of West Seattle (my favorite part in fact), but I thought it might be difficult to bring all of our students to the beach.  So instead, my teacher friend and I ventured out to this Sunday to collect supplies to bring the beach back to the classroom.  We collected shells, rocks, sea glass and even a piece of drift wood.

We decided to leave this behind

We also decided that sea weed would get a little too stinky to keep in our class…

 The students absolutely loved looking at all of the objects we collected.  They used their magnifying glasses, their noses and their hands to get a great sense of the beach.  We were even able to observe a live shrimp (although it was very tiny).  The shrimp fell out of one of the rocks we brought back (eww) and the kids LOVED it!

It was really exciting for me to watch them be so intrigued by the barnacles, rocks and shells.  We are continuing to expand on some of the things that we found and are interested in.  This was much more fun that just reading about Alki Beach in a book!


PS. When it snows, rains, hails, is windy and sunny all in the same day… it makes the children CRAZY!¬† ūüôā

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I was in the mood for a little serenity¬†and thought I’d pass along the love.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Indulge to me ALWAYS means food.  If you have been around this blog a while you may know that I have a very strong relationship with food.  Sometimes it is love-love sometimes love-hate.  But whatever the feelings, food and I are close buddies.

On Valentine’s Day we had a gorgeous meal of tuna steaks, roasted red potatoes and fried zucchini and¬†some delicious beverages (strawberries, vodka and soda).¬† We indulged in some wonderful food.

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Magus Used Books

I ‚̧ Bookstores!

It makes me happy to wander about used bookstores because you never know what treasure you might come across.

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Cherry Trees in Winter

Panda and I went up to University of Washington today.  The cherry trees were beautiful even without flowers or leaves.  Each tree has unique twists and turns that make them ever so charming.  It was also a beautiful day today which made it even more exciting to stroll around campus.

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The Cats in the Bag!

For a cat who doesn’t like the sound of plastic bags, she sure doesn’t mind fabric shopping bags (or paper bags as we learned today).

She isn’t picky about the type of fabric shopping bag either!

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I DO NOT Prefer Trout

While¬†was at the grocery store I wandered past the protein and saw that Trout was on sale.¬† So being me, I decided I should buy it and try it out… because it was only $2 why not?¬† Look at how beautiful this trout looked before it went into the oven.¬† It was salted and peppered and stuffed with parsley, lemons and limes.

Mmm.¬† After 25 minutes at 350 degrees (which is what¬†a recipe online called for), we dished up our delicious looking trout with confetti rice.¬† The rice was delicious.¬† After a few bites of the fish we decided that it wasn’t quite done cooking…. back in the oven it went.

After about 30 more minutes in the oven and a few squirts of¬†lemon juice, back out of the oven the fish came.¬† This time he did not even make it back to the plates.¬†¬†We picked at it for a few minutes and decided that maybe trout was not the fish for us.¬† Trout is fishy and squishy and has a bunch of tiny little¬†bones.¬† I DO NOT LIKE bones in fish, sam I am.¬† I pull all of the bones out of salmon before I even cook it.¬† Then if¬†I find bones in any of the fish I am consuming I¬†have to drink a lot of¬†water because I always feel like I have a¬†bone stuck in my throat.¬† I know ridiculous but true.¬† Panda and I decided we’ll stick¬†to the heartier fish¬†such as tuna steak and salmon.¬† Sword fish I think would do¬†well for us also.

If I see river fish in the store again… I’ll know to pass next time.

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New Recipe Page!

Hey there faithful readers!  I have added a brand new fancy, shmancy Recipe Page above.  This is where all the recipes you see on my blog posts will be catalogued.

I will admit that I created this recipe page as much for you as it is for me.¬† I do write down the recipes I use but to be¬†honest when I want to enjoy a¬†repeat performance of my delightful meal, the recipe is nowhere to be found…. except for on this faithful blog!

I hope you enjoy this new addition as much as I already have (and it has only been in place for a week!).

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