The Phoenix’s Ambitious List

Welcome to 2012’s Ambitions

Blog:  Post 10+ times a month.

Literature: Read 30 books this year.

Cuisine: Cook 4 new gluten-free recipes each month.

Check out the Recipes Tab!

Photography: Obviously keep taking pictures.  Learn how to use my fancy new software.  PRINT and FRAME my photos.  Take a photography class!  Have wedding disposable camera pictures developed.

Athletics: Train and run two 5k races and one 10k race.  Go hiking!  (In Progress Training for 1/2 Marathon!)

Life:  Purge the things I don’t need.  Aka. get rid of excess “stuff”.  Be more organized!!!  Be a more active Kiwanian.  Nip laxidasical-ness in the rear I’ve been resting on.  If at all possible, visit a different country.

Education: Get my CDA (child development associates degree). (In Progress)


One Response to The Phoenix’s Ambitious List

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Cool list! Really like your blog name!

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