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Love at the U

A few weeks ago I drove up to the University of Washington to pick up my Panda.  While he was waiting for me, he surprised me by getting us each a milk shake. Aww Panda is so sweet! We goofed … Continue reading

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Bringing the Beach to the Classroom

In my preschool class we have been learning about West Seattle.  We went for an adventure on Friday all around the community visiting the park, the Les Schwab, the fruit stand and looking around at the totem pole.  Alki Beach is a great … Continue reading

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The Cats in the Bag!

For a cat who doesn’t like the sound of plastic bags, she sure doesn’t mind fabric shopping bags (or paper bags as we learned today). She isn’t picky about the type of fabric shopping bag either!

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I DO NOT Prefer Trout

While was at the grocery store I wandered past the protein and saw that Trout was on sale.  So being me, I decided I should buy it and try it out… because it was only $2 why not?  Look at how … Continue reading

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Thank you Dana for the Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you Dana over at Zona Pellucida for nominating and awarding me with the Kreativ Blogger Award.  I am so very excited to accept this award (even if it is just blogging spam)!  Lifeofaphoenix has been a great outlet for me over the … Continue reading

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Don’t Touch My String

This Gato is so attached to her string that she sleeps with it… she looks so sweet but what she is really saying is … Don’t you TOUCH My String!!!  Silly Gato.

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Weekly WordPress Challenge: Ready

This Gato is READY for Mama to fix her toy and play with her!  She is waiting none too patiently.  After the last feather came out, the Gato ate it!  So I tried to fix it before this feather ended up with … Continue reading

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San Francisco “Landmarks”

Friday evening we packed up all our necessities for the next few days (this included an amazing amount of warm clothes for the 49ers and Giants game).  We made sure the gato had enough food and water to last her.  It would … Continue reading

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A Weekend Away From the Snow

We just returned from our little weekend getaway.  We flew away from about a 1/4 inch of ice that had coated Seattle. We arrived to be bombarded with rain! It was well worth the journey.  I will be posting in great … Continue reading

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Oh Gato!

Silly kitty.  We found her all cuddled up in this shopping bag… this was only the first of many  times 🙂 I love this last one.  “What? I wasn’t doing anything…”

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