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Happy Last Day of 2011

I’m going to be honest WordPress friends,  these past 2 months have been a whirl-wind.  In the beginning of November, I started a new job as a preschool teacher in West Seattle.  Very exciting, let me tell you!  I sold my car because now that … Continue reading

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Making Moves

For me, change never changes.  It is always stressful before, during and after the change (sometimes good stress, sometimes bad).  Change takes time.  Time when you know it’s coming, time for the change to occur, and time to get used to it.  … Continue reading

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The tank is clean…… THE TANK IS CLEAN!!!!

That’s right!  The tank is clean!  Hopefully our fish do not try to escape our clean tank to the ocean. Before: After: There was a great deal of cleaning in our house of late and this is one of the most noticeable … Continue reading

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Plant Potting By An Amateur

Something worth writing about has happened…. and I am actually blogging about it the same day!    HOLD THE PHONE!  SAY IT AIN’T SO! Well people, it is so.  And with pictures to boot! I have been blessed with many wonderful students at … Continue reading

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9-11 and the Death of Bin Laden

I remember details of September 11, 2001 better than almost any other day of my life (excluding my wedding day).  Aside from being my brother’s birthday, it was a normal day.  Going to school, seeing my friends.  After first block … Continue reading

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Reading, Resolutions, Death and A Few Guidelines

I’ve taken a bit of a sabbatical from reading books lately.  Since starting my blog, I have been reading so many other posts (from freshly pressed as well as keeping up with subscriptions) that I just plumb haven’t taken the time to read books.  … Continue reading

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