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Vanilla Cake with Rum Glaze (gluten-free)

My friend Kae and I had a housewives day last weekend.  We baked some delicious gluten-free cake!  We baked 2 – 8 inch round cakes drizzled with rum glaze (so we could each have one).  Yummy!!  Hubby and I added strawberries and … Continue reading

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My Friends at Alki

After my students got so excited about all of the shells and rocks my teacher friend and I brought back from Alki, we decided to have a family outing with our students and their parents. This past Saturday we met at … Continue reading

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A Rough Two Weeks

I apologize for my prolonged absence. Two weeks ago looked like this: Except Saturday began like this (plus more snow and rain): It ended like this: I ended up in the ski patrol with a sling and a bag of ice.  … Continue reading

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Bringing the Beach to the Classroom

In my preschool class we have been learning about West Seattle.  We went for an adventure on Friday all around the community visiting the park, the Les Schwab, the fruit stand and looking around at the totem pole.  Alki Beach is a great … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day should be a celebration of love and romance.  For me, the love and romance part is a very small portion of the joy and fun celebrated on Valentine’s Day. The real holiday celebration happens at work.  Preschool is the land of … Continue reading

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On Being a Grown-up

I often joke that I have to buck up and be a grown-up in certain situation.  The other day I was walking home from the gym thinking to myself… I am only 26 there is no way I’m a grown-up.  I will only have … Continue reading

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Things Kids Say #5

We are learning about The Arctic in my preschool class this month.  This morning we were looking at the globe and pointing to where The Arctic is. One of my students asks:  Is that where God lives… in The Arctic? I … Continue reading

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Like A Birthday!

Today was a GREAT day!  It doesnt happen so often as it probably should.  One of my favorite (can’t have favorites) students only had one major meltdown today.  GREAT SUCCESS!!! I spent the last 2 hours of my work day re-arranging my … Continue reading

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3-D Snowflakes

REPOST 🙂  I love this work and thought you might enjoy it too! This project was taught to me by one of my teacher friends and is a work at our Montessori pre-school.  I figured if our 3 to 5 year … Continue reading

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Classic Art Vs. Street Art

While driving across the West Seattle Bridge, I noticed this sign (and took a picture while stopped in traffic): Because I teach classic art at my pre-school, this sight made me feel sad.  Modern forms of art should be valued from … Continue reading

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