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San Francisco “Landmarks”

Friday evening we packed up all our necessities for the next few days (this included an amazing amount of warm clothes for the 49ers and Giants game).  We made sure the gato had enough food and water to last her.  It would … Continue reading

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A Weekend Away From the Snow

We just returned from our little weekend getaway.  We flew away from about a 1/4 inch of ice that had coated Seattle. We arrived to be bombarded with rain! It was well worth the journey.  I will be posting in great … Continue reading

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A Few of My Favorites


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The Power of Inside-Out Pajamas

Ask any school age child, there is power in wearing your pajamas inside out.  Grown-ups should never doubt that power.  It can have an amazing effect on the climate and on superintendents. When I was small and the weather man forecasted … Continue reading

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Disappointing Forecast

We have really been through the gamut today in terms of weather.  This morning they say the snow should start at 3pm and predict 18 inches.  10am: snow should start early evening 10-12 inches.  Noon: snow should start 2am Wednesday … Continue reading

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Chaco Canyon West Seattle

I went out in West Seattle in the hope of getting some pictures of the “snow fall”. There you have it.  Unsuccessful. On my walk back to the apartment I decided to stop into Chaco Canyon for a toasty drink.  … Continue reading

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Things Kids Say #5

We are learning about The Arctic in my preschool class this month.  This morning we were looking at the globe and pointing to where The Arctic is. One of my students asks:  Is that where God lives… in The Arctic? I … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Late one evening, it began to snow.  I convinced Panda (my beloved husband) to come out for a walk with me a little before midnight.  The snow was gone by the time we woke the next morning.  The only reminder … Continue reading

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I Think They Mean Arctic

Judging by the contents of this box, I believe the author means Arctic…

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3 Dimensional Snowflakes

This project was taught to me by one of my teacher friends and is a work at our Montessori pre-school.  I figured if our 3 to 5 year old students can do it… so can I!  So I did and now you can learn … Continue reading

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