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Today’s Post is Brought to you by the Letter Y

Why is this post brought to you by the letter Y?  Today was filled with things beginning with the letter Y. I woke up and read some Young Adult literature in the form of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (the second book … Continue reading

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Like A Birthday!

Today was a GREAT day!  It doesnt happen so often as it probably should.  One of my favorite (can’t have favorites) students only had one major meltdown today.  GREAT SUCCESS!!! I spent the last 2 hours of my work day re-arranging my … Continue reading

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Slacker, Slacker, Slacker

First of all, I know that I’m a slacker.  Second, I’m a slacker twice.  Saturday’s weekly update… Fail.  Exercising 6 days a week…. Fail.  I could rattle off excuses about being busy and letting my foot heal but that wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Weekly Exercise Recap!

Week 2 of my workout resolution is complete!  It was a rough week with a sore ankle and foot (cue tiny violin) but we still made it happen! Sunday – I spent Sunday walking around Seattle and taking in the fabulous … Continue reading

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2 Pictures Of The Naked Lady.

Amaryllis: also known as the belladonna lily or naked lady. (Thanks Wiki) This plant was given to our classroom from Mama Yoga, the yoga lady at our pre-school.  It gets watered intermittently and the kids enjoy when ants crawl out onto their … Continue reading

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This Week’s Exercise Report

Last Friday I made some resolutions (I will update my resolutions each month in the tab above).  Every weekend I will report back the week’s progress 1. to keep you informed and 2. to keep me accountable :-).  Friday, I made … Continue reading

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